The Native Frequency
Intention Setting Mini-Course & Box

Turn your 2021 resolution into reality
with an intention that will change your life
and clear steps to embody it.

Intention Setting Guide     •    14 Days of Short Exercises    •    Sensory Anchoring Kit

The Intention Setting
Mini-Course & Box

Learn how to set a life-changing intention and embody it in 2 weeks

Intention Setting Ritual • 14 Days of Short Exercises • Sensory Anchoring Kit

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Limited Time Offer



Limited Time Offer

Discover a motivating method to give your intentions unstoppable momentum in your life.

What if your intention could change your life in just a few short weeks? What if it outlasted the tangible goals on your calendar?

💙 When you learn how to set an intention that deeply resonates… 
🧘🏽  Then program your body to remember it each time you smell a certain scent, or go through daily habits…
🚀 You can develop a new emotional state in just a matter of weeks.

We made it easy with a 14-day mini-course that helps you go beyond goals and turn your intentions into a tangible part of you. 

3 Steps to Jump-Start Your 2021 Resolution

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1 Set an intention you're excited about. 
Your experience starts as soon as you purchase… with videos to guide you to pick an intention while you wait for your box.

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2 Do the intention anchoring process with your box items. Once you receive your box in the mail, the journal and videos will walk you through a science-based intention setting ritual.

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3 Embody Your Intention in 2 Weeks.
Receive 14 daily exercises by email to reset your emotional and mental state to your intention.

How can scent and jewelry help me set an intention?

Just like the smell of campfire smoke takes you back to last summer, the scent of the room spray, soap, and candle can remind you of your intention. 
When you wear your coral bracelet, you'll have a way to re-center on your intention wherever you are. 
This kit and the exercises in the course rely on habit-forming science, associating feelings and memories with objects and daily habits (like bathing and dressing).

The result: Your intention will have unstoppable momentum in your life, empowering you from the inside out.

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This experience is a commitment to grow more into your true self over 2 weeks.
Whatever your intention, if it's Confidence, Vulnerability, Resilience...
This experience says "Okay, I'm ready for a bigger version of me!"

Just 14 days of focus to feel your intention present all the time...
what is that worth to you?



Having this during such stressful times has been such a blessing. I rub my fingers over my bracelet, take a deep breath, remember my intention and continue on with my day. Thank you!



It’s become a daily ritual for me. When I wake up, I use the soap in the shower and put on my bracelet. I take a moment to be reminded of their meaning. I don’t feel like I’m ready for the day until it is on.



I love my bracelet. It makes me smile every time I put it on. Thank you for being the modern day wise man/woman, and tuning our compasses back to true North. Much love! 🙏



It's so meaningful to see the reminder every day that life will keep moving and changing past the hard times. I choose peace and I love wearing it.


Course Summary


Your Intention Box comes with a 14-Day Intention-Setting course, thoughtfully-handcrafted items for your Intention Ritual, and sensory reminders to take your intention with you throughout your day.


Trevor Jensen

Trevor is our visionary: The walking example that deeply anchored intentions can create unbelievable new realities. Trevor runs and consults two national companies, manages real estate, and has generated projects with Microsoft, Walmart and Intel. He deeply feels the need to help people return to their Native Frequency, and invested in the product launch and team of wizards to make it happen.

Matthew 'Shep' Shepardson 

Shep is our master craftsman, who sources the turquoise and coral used in the intention box. He's passionate about fair, sustainable, and local sourcing, and will stop at nothing to create products that each customer will cherish.

Katy Ward

Katy is our brand and communications guide. She's a StoryBrand Certified Guide, and she works with impact-driven brands who promote a positive mindset. She distilled our brand's Native Frequency - our voice, message, and vibe - and she'll be the guide for you in the first few days of videos that come with your box.

Mallory's Story

"I've always been very goal-oriented but it's hard to stick with that high performance state after I achieved my goal—i.e. running a half marathon or reaching a revenue goal for a client. Taking this course helped me understand the difference between goals and intentions so that I can live out that "better version of me" even after the "goal" has passed. My intentions have now become effortless habits, making me a better wife, friend, and entrepreneur.

This course is a must for anyone who wants to learn how to manifest the person they want to be in real life, effortlessly." 

Native Frequency

2021 can be way better than 2020!
Start it powerfully by embodying your biggest intention in just 2 weeks.

We’re excited to show you how simple scents, objects,
and daily habits can uplevel your emotional state.

The journey deeper into your true self is waiting…