Intention Box + 14-Day Course
Intention Box + 14-Day Course
Intention Box + 14-Day Course
Intention Box + 14-Day Course
Intention Box + 14-Day Course
Intention Box + 14-Day Course
Intention Box + 14-Day Course

Intention Box + 14-Day Course


Have you ever set a big goal or intention you're excited about... but turning it into reality seems impossible?

The Intention Box uses neuro-linguistic programming to help you anchor and live out your intentions. In our 14-day course, we'll show you how to choose an intention, take you through an anchoring ritual, and give you sensory reminders to turn your intention into a habit. 

With the Intention box, you can reprogram your mind and body with sensory triggers, so your intention becomes your new reality.


Your Intention Box comes with a 14-Day Intention-Setting course, thoughtfully-handcrafted items for your Intention Ritual, and sensory reminders to take your intention with you throughout your day.


Our 14-Day Intention Course and Box helps you tap into sensory moments to maximize your potential.
With scent and daily habits to trigger your memory, your intention can become your new normal.

Retrain your brain in 14 days...

Through educational videos, journaling exercises, texts and emails, we'll teach you how to reprogram your brain in 14 days.

With a sensory anchoring experience...

We'll take you through a sensory anchoring experience where you will select and anchor an intention.

And the tools you need for lasting change.

Use the precious Red Coral bracelet, handcrafted soap and room spray to incorporate your intention into your daily routine.


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Step 1: Set Your Intention

We’ll provide you with the knowledge and tools to anchor your intention, along with visual and olfactory reminders to bring you back to that intention... and that best-version-of-you sensation.

Step 2: Add to Your Morning Ritual

Incorporate the scent into your daily routine to turn your intention into a habit. If you come up with all your best ideas in the shower... what will you come up with when you're fueled by your intention?

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Step 3: Take Your Intention with You

With a bit of focus, you can use the bracelet and room spray to bring yourself back to the present in a meaningful way—wherever you are. Touch the bracelet or spray the room to return to your intention—your Native Frequency.



Having this during such stressful times has been such a blessing. I rub my fingers over my bracelet, take a deep breath, remember my intention and continue on with my day. Thank you!



It’s become a daily ritual for me. When I wake up, I use the soap in the shower and put on my bracelet. I take a moment to be reminded of their meaning. I don’t feel like I’m ready for the day until it is on.



I love my bracelet. It makes me smile every time I put it on. Thank you for being the modern day wise man/woman, and tuning our compasses back to true North. Much love! 🙏



It's so meaningful to see the reminder every day that life will keep moving and changing past the hard times. I choose peace and I love wearing it.



Trevor Jensen

Trevor is our visionary: The walking example that deeply anchored intentions can create unbelievable new realities. Trevor runs and consults two national companies, manages real estate, and has generated projects with Microsoft, Walmart and Intel. He deeply feels the need to help people return to their Native Frequency, and invested in the product launch and team of wizards to make it happen.

Matthew 'Shep' Shepardson 

Shep is our master craftsman, who sources the turquoise and coral used in the intention box. He's passionate about fair, sustainable, and local sourcing, and will stop at nothing to create products that each customer will cherish.

Katy Ward

Katy is our brand and communications guide. She's a StoryBrand Certified Guide, and she works with impact-driven brands who promote a positive mindset. She distilled our brand's Native Frequency - our voice, message, and vibe - and she'll be the guide for you in the first few days of videos that come with your box.

Native Frequency


We’ll provide you with the knowledge and practices to retrain your brain, along with visual and scent reminders. That way, you can always come back to your Native Frequency—that best-version-of-you sensation.